Earning Disclaimers

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We target on the transmission of healthy, dietary and nutritional supplements that are extensively contrived by many U.S. and several foreign companies. As the logos and the trademarks present on the website and the products are the private property of the owners, the website does not play any role in it. The website only uses them as it is permitted to do so by the trademark proprietor. If any third party shows any interest in using the same, then prior permission must be taken for the act.

The information about the products comes to us by some external source and we hold the full right to modify it at any given point of time.

The company is not responsible for the mistakes made by the machines or humans. We do not have any role to play in the delay of the delivery or any other loss. No customer can hold us responsible for any discrepancy in the product as the information provided on the website only gives an idea to the customer about what the product is all about.

Our main aim is to serve our customers better and treat all their complaints at an urgent basis.