Femora Cream – SHOCKING SIDE EFFECTS – WARNING!! 2.95/5 (59.09%) 44 votes

download (2)Want to flaunt a younger looking skin in just 15 days? Well, try the all new Femora Cream. It is a natural serum which is formulated in the GNP labs. It fights aging signs and makes us look young and beautiful. To know more about its functions, read below.


This serum has made it possible for me to look younger and prettier. It is a natural product which, I began using on the recommendation of my dermatologist. The cream has helped in the restoration of my beauty naturally. It has made my skin supple and has granted it smoothness as well.

The serum has revitalised the collagen level in the skin which has made my skin fair. It manages the hydration levels of my face and has granted it complete freedom from dryness. The cream controls wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and has allowed me to flaunt a youthful look.


  • Ceramide Complex: It provides moisture to the skin by retaining the hydration levels. It also heals eczema and forms a protective layer on the skin which improves its suppleness.
  • Rosemary Extract: It protects the skin cells from the damage caused because of sunrays. It has antiseptic properties and cures puffiness. The component also heals dryness.
  • Balm Mint Extract: It has anti-bacterial properties which reduces the impact of aging signs on the skin. It rids the face from dead cells and grants complete rejuvenation to the face.

Side effects

This product is highly natural because of the magical ingredients which it has. The cream has no fillers and additives. It is pure and contains organic components which make the skin healthy, supple and smooth. This serum has been tested by the FDA and no problem was found with the effectiveness of the cream.



  • Blocks formation of wrinkles
  • Removes dark circles slowly
  • Controls appearance of all kinds of aging signs
  • Performs functions of a sunscreen
  • Gives a natural glow to the face
  • Rids skin from dryness



  • The cream should be used as per the instructions mentioned on the pack
  • Its usage is not recommended to children and teenagers
  • The serum must not be stored in areas which are hot, moist or dirty
  • The cream is recommended by dermatologists only after which it must be used
  • It should not be purchased from an unknown and unofficial source
  • Checking of the safety seal on the pack is mandatory
  • It should not be used on cuts and must be avoided if it causes irritation


What to do to make it work better?

The product is powerful but still, it requires a little bit of our help to perform its functions fast and efficiently. We can make this happen by getting rid of some of our habits. First of all, we must put a control on our habit of drinking alcohol and smoking as both result in the aging of the skin. Next, we should include more fruits and vegetables in our diet and should stay away from junk food as much as possible. Lastly, we should exercise and drink a sufficient amount of water each day.

How to apply?

The manufacturers of this cream say that it must be applied on a clean and clear skin only. Briefing about its usage policy, the makers of this product asserted that a mild facewash or soap and water must be used to free the facial skin from makeup and dirt. After this, we must take some serum on the fingers and apply on the face. The application should be done in circular motion only and the cream must be spread properly on each area of the face. These steps must be followed two times in a day.

Free trial?

This serum can be tried even before you buy it. Yes, that’s true! To make this happen, you just need to order the 30-day pack. You must be wondering, what is the need to order the monthly pack when you want the trial pack. Well, the order of your 15-day trial pack can be placed along with the monthly pack only. This trial is provided to all the first time customers for free. It is delivered to the customers on their address.


How to buy?

Femora Cream is sold exclusively on its official website. The product is not sold at medical store and no supplement shop sells it as none has been given the right to do so by the manufacturers. The product can be ordered by any adult who has made a registration on the official website. The delivery of this product is free and is done at the address we provide at the time of placing the order.

Why should we use it?

This miraculous anti-aging formula should be used to gain a supple and younger looking skin. This serum has no side effects and is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. The cream is easy to use, at least I think so. It has components which clear the skin from aging signs. It helps us maintain a perfect look by making the skin supple and soft. The cream also treats dryness and protects face from UV rays. The cream contains no fillers and is a perfect solution for the treatment of aging signs and a dead and dull skin.