Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine Review

Today I want to share my thoughts on the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine. This compact cross-trainer is designed to provide an effective home workout experience. It offers a range of features such as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and 10 resistance levels. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, this elliptical trainer has something to offer.

Design and Quality

The EX-59 elliptical trainer boasts a sturdy and ergonomic frame that is built to last. With a non-folding frame and a lifetime warranty, you can expect durability and reliability from this machine. The 18″ stride length and tighter Q factor (distance between pedals) contribute to a more comfortable workout, reducing stress on your hips and back. The machine is also compact and portable, making it ideal for homes with limited space or low ceilings.

Key Features and Functionality

This elliptical trainer offers a range of features to enhance your workout experience. One standout feature is the Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync your phone or device to the integrated speakers for streaming media with crisp stereo sound. You can also keep your screen in view using the built-in device holder, perfect for entertainment or following workout classes.

The EX-59 provides 10 levels of resistance, giving you the flexibility to customize your workout intensity. It also offers program choices such as Calorie, Distance, Intervals, Manual, and Weight Loss, accessible through intuitive controls. Changing speed and incline is a breeze with the convenient one-touch keys.

Comparison with Similar Products

When compared to similar products in the market, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 stands out for its combination of reliability, quality, and features. While there may be other elliptical trainers available, not all of them offer the same level of durability and ergonomic design. The Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers add a modern touch, enhancing your workout experience.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the EX-59 elliptical trainer has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • Sturdy and durable frame with a lifetime warranty.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming media through built-in speakers.
  • Compact and portable design, suitable for small spaces.
  • 10 levels of resistance for customizable workouts.
  • Intuitive controls for easy program selection.


  • No incline levels available.
  • Some users reported issues with the console or squeaking noises.

User Experiences and Testimonials

To get a sense of how this elliptical trainer performs in real-life scenarios, let’s dive into some genuine user experiences and testimonials found in online reviews. Many users have praised the durability and reliability of the machine, highlighting its long-term performance. The compact design has also been appreciated by those with limited space in their homes. However, a few users have reported issues with the console or encountered squeaking noises, which may require attention.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of your Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Before using the machine, make sure to assemble it properly. The included tools will be sufficient for the assembly process.
  • To prevent squeaking noises, apply the provided white lithium grease on the necessary parts, such as the shaft and holes.
  • Explore the different program choices to find the one that suits your fitness goals and preferences.
  • Take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers by syncing your phone or device for an enjoyable workout with your favorite music or podcasts.

FAQ Section

Q: What is the stride length?

A: The stride length on the EX-59 elliptical trainer is 18″.

Q: What are the assembled dimensions?

A: The assembled dimensions of the EX-59 are 68″ x 25″ x 64″.

Q: Is there a place to rest a tablet or iPad?

A: Yes, the machine features a device holder with a rapid charge USB port, allowing you to conveniently place and charge your tablet or iPad.

Q: How many incline levels are there?

A: The EX-59 does not offer incline levels.


In conclusion, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine is a reliable and feature-packed option for home workouts. Its durable construction, ergonomic design, and Bluetooth connectivity make it an attractive choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. While there may be a few drawbacks reported by users, such as console issues or occasional squeaking, the overall performance and functionality of this elliptical trainer make it a solid investment.

I would recommend the Horizon Fitness EX-59 to individuals who are looking for a compact and reliable elliptical trainer that offers customizable workouts and the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer working out at home or have limited space. With proper assembly and maintenance, this machine can help you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

Drawbacks and Recommendations

While the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer has many positive features, it’s important to address some of the reported drawbacks. Some users have experienced issues with the console not working or encountering squeaking noises. While these are not common occurrences, they are worth mentioning. If you encounter any problems with the console, it’s recommended to reach out to customer service for assistance, as they have been responsive in resolving such issues.

Regarding the squeaking noises, applying the provided white lithium grease to the necessary parts during assembly can help prevent or reduce them. Regular maintenance, such as periodic greasing and cleaning, can also help keep the machine in optimal condition.

Recommendation for a Specific Audience

Based on the features and overall performance of the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer, I would highly recommend it to individuals who prefer working out at home or have limited space. Its compact design and portability make it suitable for apartments or homes with low ceilings. The 300 lb weight capacity ensures that a wide range of users can comfortably use the machine.

This elliptical trainer is particularly well-suited for those seeking a reliable, durable, and customizable workout experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the 10 levels of resistance allow you to tailor your workout intensity to your fitness level and goals. The Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers provide an added entertainment feature, allowing you to enjoy your favorite media during your workout.

If you’re someone who values a comfortable and ergonomic workout, the EX-59’s 18″ stride length and tighter Q factor can help reduce stress on your hips and back, ensuring a more pleasant exercise session.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine is a popular and reliable choice for home workouts. Its combination of durability, compact design, and key features such as Bluetooth connectivity and customizable resistance levels make it stand out among similar products in the market.

While there have been a few reported issues with the console and occasional squeaking noises, the overall positive user experiences and the responsive customer service provide reassurance that these issues can be addressed if they occur.

For individuals who want to stay active, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their own home, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer is a great investment. With proper assembly, maintenance, and attention to any potential issues, this elliptical trainer can provide you with a satisfying and effective workout experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to step up your fitness game with the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine!

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